Recurring Financial Obligations (Member Content)

On an ongoing basis, membership costs include the annual meeting and investiture expenses and the annual charitable contribution. We ask each member to contribute to the mission of the Order according to his or her capacity to do so. This amount will vary from member to member according to their circumstances, which may even change from year to year. Nevertheless, the annual charitable contribution should be sacrificial, meaning that the amount of the contribution should be such that it is missed by the member and causes the member to reflect upon the mission and needs of the Order throughout the year and not just when the annual contribution is made. The minimum amount of the annual charitable contribution is set by Rome. Any member who intends to contribute an amount below the minimum must inform the Lieutenant in writing and request to be excused for good cause. As some members cannot contribute the minimum charitable contribution, we rely on the generosity of those who can contribute more to achieve the total amount requested by Rome to complete the year’s charitable projects.

For more than 150 years the Popes, including the present Holy Father, have given our Order the unique mission of supporting the embattled Christian Community in the Holy Land. Each knight and lady is expected to support that Community both by his and her prayers, by being actively engaged in the works and mission of the Order, and by financial contributions in support of our mission. We cannot stress too strongly the importance of the annual charitable contribution, which is forwarded to the Grand Magisterium in Rome to be used to support the works of the Latin Patriarch. We publish the annual financial statement at the annual meeting so that you know precisely where your funds are going. We also publish information from the Grand Magisterium about its distribution of the funds.